Clean Water
When You Need It

Contact us to install drinking water cooler systems in Santa Rosa & Windsor, CA

Are you afraid to drink the tap water in your home? Millions of Americans suffer from water with harmful pollutants and poor taste. Scratch water bottles off your grocery list with the help of Pure Water Guys. We offer residential water cooler systems in Santa Rosa & Windsor, CA, the Bay Area, Northern California and Nevada. Get ready to have on demand drinking water in your home!

We provide quality maintenance and support with all of our customized water cooler and reverse osmosis systems. Our maintenance services include:

Visual inspections | Filter inspections and replacement | Water tank inspections and sanitizing | Water analysis | Electrical component inspections | Exterior cleaning | Water temperature tests | Hose and fitting inspections | Installation site cleanup

We offer lifetime warranties on all of our residential water cooler systems. Call 888-671-7873 today to receive a price estimate in Santa Rosa, CA.