Office Building Installation

Our units will look great in your office setting! Each unit is professionally installed with aesthetics in mind. We take every step to ensure the lines are hidden so that integrity of your space/d├ęcor remains intact.

Medical Building Installation

We have extensive experience executing custom installations in medical facilities that include large hospitals, medical spas, cosmetic surgery facilities, family practices, dental offices, chiropractic and more. Our high standards of excellence ensure an aesthetically appealing installation that is done professionally and that meets any specified install criteria.

Warehouse Installation

At Pure Water Technology we can run lines over 500' allowing us to place units virtually anywhere in your facility. Our lift-certified technicians can handle even the most involved installations, even if you only have access to water in one location within your facility. Unlike other companies, we are able to give you flexibility to have units placed that is convenient to your employees.

Factory Installation

Our technicians are highly trained and have professionally installed units in a variety of factory environments. We are able to run lines upward of 500' which means we can place a system just about anywhere in your facility.