Cost Savings!

  • No increase in costs no matter how much water you use.
  • One low monthly payment includes all the service, maintenance, warranty and filter changes and unlimited water.
  • Price protection means your price will never increase regardless of water usage or inflation.
  • Single invoice - write just one check (per month or quarter).
  • Simple one price billing so no statements to reconcile.
  • No bottle deposits or delivery charges.
  • No more bottle changes and related labor costs.
  • No wasting precious floor or storage space with full/empty bottles.

Better Health!

  • Eliminates risk of microbiological contamination through activated oxygen.
  • Purified and oxygenated drinking water is hydrating by absorbing more efficiently into the body.
  • Tastes great which encourages people to drink glass after glass.
  • System is externally bio protected so bacteria and germs cannot grow on the outside of the unit.


  • No bottles to deal with.
  • Eliminates the hassle of running out of drinking water.
  • Smart technology alerts when filters need to be changed.
  • Self-cleaning units mean you don't have to.
  • Fresh, healthy water on demand.
  • Delivers up to 80 Gallons of fresh, purified water a day.

Safety and Security!

  • Eliminates risk of injury from lifting 40-pound bottles.
  • Reduces risk of potential workers compensation claims.
  • Triple leak protection ensures no spill or leaks.
  • Internal and external bacteria and virus protection means you don't have to worry if your water is safe and clean.
  • Eliminates bottle deliveries by individuals you don't know.
  • Our technicians are background checked, trained and certified.
  • We offer our services to both business and residential customers.